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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 4
Written by Anna Alexandrovna LEKSINA, Ivan Sergeevich NOVIKOV, Elena Alexandrovna ALESHINA

Organic agriculture, based on natural production technologies, has a great potential for the reversion of mankind to a healthy diet and living in harmony with nature by improving the state of the ecosystem. The share of organic products in the food market of the developed countries is already quite sizable; in the top countries various institutional systems of the industry have been introduced and improved. Russian agribusiness is lagging behind in these issues but the situation should be significantly changed by the adopted law and the state standard regulating the requirements for the organic sector. Our work is an application of applying a two-sided quantitative-and-qualitative approach to the survey of existing markets from the standpoint of extant results and dynamics, on the one hand, and their organizational-and-economic structure, on the other hand. The presented conclusions are confirmed by systematized absolute and relative indicators of the number of market entities, areas of land certified for organic production, retail sales in domestic markets and consumption of organic products per capita. The qualitative characteristic of organic production systems is reflected in the description of the national characteristics of regulatory and control and supervisory support, research support, state regulation of production and turnover, and ways of doing the business under study. Our research is addressed to the world business community operating in the organic food market and industry research institutions.

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