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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 21 ISSUE 4
Written by Maria BĂLA, Florin SALA

The present study evaluated the vegetative propagation of Saintpaulia (African violets). Five genotypes of Saintpaulia were used: Saintpaulia ionantha Shades of Autumn (G1), Saintpaulia ionantha Zoja (G2), Saintpaulia ionantha Delft (G3), Saintpaulia ionantha Milky Way Trail (G4) and Saintpaulia ionantha Tongwenis (G5). Three growth substrates consisting of sand (San, Gs1), sand and peat (San/Pea, 1:1 mixture, Gs2) and perlite and peat (Per/Pea, 1:1, Gs3 mixture) were used. From the combination of genotypes with growth substrates, 15 experimental variants were obtained. The experiment was organized in a protected space, with 15 leaf cuttings on each variant, in three repetitions. The number of rooted shoots (Sn) and the length of the roots (Rl) were evaluated. Compared to the experience average, there were positive differences in statistical safety conditions for variants V2, V7, V8 and V14 (for LSD0.1%). Negative differences in statistical safety conditions were recorded in variants V3, V4, V6 and V15 (for LSD0.1%), and in variants V10 and V12 (for LSD1%). According to the PCA, PC1 explained 85.684% of the variance, and PC2 explained 14.316% of the variance. Cluster analysis led to the grouping of variants based on Euclidean distances, in relation to the values generated for Sn and Rl, in statistical safety conditions (Coph.corr = 0.784). The result was two distinct clusters, with several subclusters each. The analysis of SDI values found the highest level of similarity between variants G1-Gs1 and G4-Gs1 (SDI = 0.3607), followed by variants G2-Gs2 and G4-Gs1 (SDI = 0.4000), respectively by variants GG4-Gs2 with G5-Gs2 (SDI = 0.5900).

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