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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 21 ISSUE 4
Written by Radu Lucian PÂNZARU, Dragoș Mihai MEDELETE

Meat is an essential food used by the population to meet food needs, it is an important source of protein and fat. Meat consumption is highly variable worldwide, at least due to the preponderance of certain species in its establishment. The structure of consumption is linked to the customs and traditions of each region. For this reason, the purpose of the paper was to analyze meat consumption in Romania in the period 2014-2018 pointing out its dynamics, structure and annual change. At national level, there is a preponderance - in consumption - of pork, followed by poultry (about 87% of total consumption at national level). It can be seen that the total level of meat consumption was 65.78 kg, a level which was constituted by actual contributions of: 0.58 kg - other types of meat, 2.26 kg - sheep and goat meat, 5.62 kg - beef, 23.80 kg - poultry and 33.52 kg - pork. The consumption of edible organs was 3.10 kg (4.71% of the total consumption). There is a need to improve the structure of total meat consumption by increasing the share of beef and other meats.

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