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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 21 ISSUE 4
Written by Agatha POPESCU, Mirela CĂRĂTUȘ STANCIU

The paper aimed to analyze the number of animal holdings, their structure by species and size class and also the average farm size based on the data provided by Eurostat and National Institute of Statistics. Fixed and structural indices as well as comparisons were the main statistical tools to assess the results. Romania has a high number of animal farms being on the top position in the EU, but the smallest farm size. The decline of bovine, swine and poultry livestock has relatively contributed to the growth of farm size and production efficiency. About 72.7% of agricultural holdings have land and animals and 23.3% rear only animals. Individual holdings are dominant and keep 86.9% bovine farms, 53% pig farms, 93.3% sheep farms, 95.1% goats farms and 67.4% poultry farms. Commercial holdings represent 44.4% of pig farms and 31.7% of poultry farms de very small percentages in case of the other species. At the national level, the average farm size of animal farms is: 3.4 bovines, 2.4 dairy cows, 3.2 pigs, 43.7 sheep, 10.6 goats and 31.6 poultry. A smaller average farm size is in the individual holdings: 2.9 bovines, 2.2 dairy cows, 1.7 pigs, 41.3 sheep, 10.1 goats and 18.7 poultry. Commercial companies have in average a higher average size: 211 bovines, 97.8 dairy cows, 7,878 pigs, 942.6 sheep, 181.7 goats and 96,009.2 poultry. The gap between individual and commercial holdings is difficult to be reduced, as long as farm concentration is a slow process. The decline in livestock, farmers aging and the new modern farms established with EU financial support are expecting to contribute to the improvement of farm structures in animal sector.

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