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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 3
Written by Anatolii KUCHER

The aim of this paper is to justify the strategic priorities of financial provisions for sustainable soil management in agriculture of Ukraine. In conditions of limited financial resources, there is a need to identify the top priorities of sustainable soil management. The study found that the most important priority of financial support for sustainable soil management is to suspend the decrease of the content of humus and achieve its deficit-free balance (global priority – 0.556); the second position is occupied by the protection of soils from erosion (priority – 0.274); third place – enrichment of soils with nutrients substances (priority – 0.101); fourth place – amelioration of acid and solonets soils (priority – 0.069). In the context of identification of priorities of financial support for practical implementation of the proposed conception of sustainable soil management this paper also addresses the empirical expert evaluation of the relative importance (significance) of the principles of sustainable soil management, as well as the level of adherence (compliance) of these principles in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine. The obtained results demonstrate the state of compliance with the principles of sustainable soil management in agricultural enterprises, the availability of opportunities and reserves for improving the situation for their implementation, and as well due to which this should be carried out. Thus, 77.8 % of the principles were implemented at a low level, the rest (22.2 %) – at a very low level, so there are significant reserves to improve the situation.

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