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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 3
Written by Lesia KUCHER

This paper studied the opportunities and barriers on the way of introducing of innovations and innovative projects in the area of land use in agricultural enterprises in the context of agribusiness 4.0 in Ukraine. For ease of analysis and political and managerial decision making, all of identified barriers were conventionally grouped into five groups (ranked in order of importance based on average expert estimates): (і) insufficient financing of innovation activity (average assessment – 3.502); (ii) lack of competence of the subjects of innovation activity (3.412); (iii) imperfection of innovative management (3.400); (iv) imperfection of the normative-legal base of innovation activity (3.261); (v) lack of effective innovation infrastructure (3.256). In general, among the 31 analyzed barriers, the TOP-5 most important, according to experts, include the following: lack of established contacts of scientists in the business environment (average assessment – 4.100); insufficient stimulation of subjects of innovative activity, in particular, authors of developments (3.900); low level of scientific and technical base of scientific organizations (3.850); the vast majority of researchers have not realized the importance of commercialization and are not able to commercialize the results of their research (3.850); there is no state support of innovation business (3.737). Obviously, overcoming these barriers forms key opportunities for introducing innovations in Ukrainian agricultural enterprises.

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