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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 3
Written by Florin SALA

The study analyzed the interdependence relationship of the production with the physiological indices in vines, under conditions of differentiated fertilization (organic, mineral and foliar fertilizers). The study was carried out within the Fruit and Vine Research Center of BUSAMV Timisoara, 2011-2012 period. Biological material was represented by the 'Silvania' grape variety. Organic fertilizers (manure), complex fertilizers (NPK, 1:1:1), and foliar fertilizers (Fertitel, Cropmax, Waterfert, Calcium chloride) were used. By applying fertilizing resources, 12 experimental variants (T2 - T13) were obtained, and a control variant T1 (Ct) was used. Physiological indices (leaf area - LA, chlorophyll content - Chl), yield per plant (Ypl) and yield per ha (Yha) were determined. The interdependence relationship between LA and Chl was described by a polynomial relation of degree 2, under conditions of R2=0.899, p<<0.001. Regression analysis led to obtaining some models of variation of Ypl depending on LA (R2=0.913, p<<0.001), Ypl according to Chl (R2=0.929, p<<0.001), Yha depending on LA (R2=0.907, p<<0.001), and Yha depending on Chl respectively (R2=0.934, p<<0.001). Multiple regression analysis led to models that described the Ypl and Yha variation depending on the two physiological indices as simultaneous action. Models of the type y = f(x,y) were obtained, under statistical safety conditions (R2=0.998, p<<0.001 for Ypl, and for Yha). Within PCA, PC1 explained 96.806% of variance, and PC2 explained 1.6334% of variance. Cluster analysis led to the grouping of variants under statistical safety conditions (Coph.corr. = 0.843).

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