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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 3
Written by Mykhailo STUPEN, Nazar STUPEN, Zoriana RYZHOK, Oksana STUPEN

One has proposed to determine the ecological and economic efficiency of the process of land resources reproduction, depending on the yielding capacity of cereals and legumes on the humus stock in soils and the cost of their cultivation due to the use of index method and rating. One has calculated the project indicators of yielding capacity, production costs and minimum profit at 25 % for growing cereals and legumes for the administrative districts of Lviv region based on the range of changes in actual fertility due to humus stock, taking into account the qualitative characteristics. Considering the calculations, we have established that the highest yielding capacity of cereals and legumes at the level of 1.205 will be concentrated in Sokal district of Lviv region, which depends on humus content in soil at the level of 1.159 and the level of socially necessary costs of 1.038. The corresponding project values of the gross production of grain and leguminous crops growing for the researched administrative area are 408.71 million UAH concerning production costs of 286.73 million UAH, which provides a profit of 122 million UAH at 42.5 % of profitability, taking into account the predicted yielding capacity at the level of 45.3 c/ha.

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