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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 3
Written by Nataliia ZELISKO, Svitlana KOLACH, Ruslana MAGIJOVYCH, Orysia VASYLYNA

The article presents the results of research of theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of marketing mechanism formation of agricultural enterprises development. The essence of the notion «marketing mechanism of agricultural enterprises development» is defined. This mechanism is considered as a set of management levers of economic, organizational, analytical and diagnostic aspiration, means, principles, methods and marketing tools, which are used in the activity management, directed to the transformation of enterprise potential into the concrete production results, capable to satisfy the consumers' needs at the market, providing the agricultural producers with the weighty levers in competitive fight. The suggestions concerning the methodical approaches to the evaluation of the marketing mechanism efficiency of agricultural enterprises development are formulated. They provide for the complex analysis of application efficiency of structural components of this mechanism, which are: market segmentation and choice of target segments; positioning of agricultural enterprise production; formation of effective assortment policy; formation and realization of strategy of bringing new products to the market; differentiation of price policy; optimization of sales system; construction of effective communication policy. The assessment of these components will make it possible to identify potential opportunities for the improvement of some of them. Methodical approaches to the estimation of marketing instruments influence and intangible assets on the formation and use of marketing potential of agricultural enterprises are worked out in the article. With the help of correlation-regression analysis a number of interdependencies between the investigated features has been revealed. The proposals regarding the allocation of agricultural enterprises with high, medium, satisfactory and low level of marketing potential use are formulated. The proposed gradation and its implementation methodology makes it possible to assess the impact of marketing potential on the market position of agricultural enterprises.

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