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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 13 ISSUE 2
Written by Liliana POPESCU, Petrică ŞTEFAN, Romeo Cătălin CREŢU

From a touristic point of view, the Buzau County is situated among the first five counties on a national level. During the past years, various territorial development initiatives have been finalized such as: roads, water supply and sewage systems, Roman castrums, spa resorts, touristic and agro-touristic board and lodging etc, that have increased the number of tourists attracted by the tourist attractions of the county. The hereby theme undertakes to study one of the most beautiful areas in the country which is very little known by tourists in the same time. This is the ‘Meledic carst plateau’ in the Buzau County. The aim of this study is to calculate the costs needed for improving the Meledic Carst Plateau for developing eco-tourism in the Buzau County. The first part of the study analyzes the present situation in the area, while the next part shows what we would like to improve and finally, the cost calculation of such an environmental initiative, regardless of who is going to substantiate it: non-governmental organization, local authority, private legal entity, etc.

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