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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 12, Issue 3
Written by Marijana JOVANOVIĆ, Velibor POTREBIĆ, Lana NASTIĆ

Perspective for rural development of municipalities bordering the Danube River, lies in the possibilities for development of plant production, in the untouched nature and rich tourist offer. The strategic position of the municipality of Bač, Bačka Palanka and Apatin, which are covered by these work, is it of the great importance for the further development and attract investments that should affect on the strengthening of agriculture and economy of whole area . An orientation of small producers to the major markets will influence the search for smaller niches in which they will be able to assert themselves and develop their production and brand their products, whether in terms of the primary agricultural products or products from other sectors of agriculture. The review of EU Rural Development Policy (2001-2013), arising from CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), the manufacturers of this part of Serbia have a great chance to restore the primary crop and livestock production on normal economy flow. Development of production the safe health food origin while preserving the environment regroup the production resources of this part of Balkans, and will influence the development of navigable traffic and stronger connection with Europe.

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