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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 13 ISSUE 4
Written by Adelaida Cristina HONTUŞ

In order to achieve the best possible tourist activity it is needed that besides natural resources and human and material resources to be able to satisfy the tourist requirements. These material resourcess are known as “material and technical basis". This is represented by: accommodation and food, transportation, treatment and leisure facilities and is primarily conditioned by the development and modernization of existing material and technical basis. Thus, a highly attractive tourist area can not be on offer before receiving the facilities for receiving and retaining travelers. Buşteni, resort includes Poiana Ţapului,s dominated by steep Bucegi and has a great starting point for ascents, but it is also a true spa, indicated not only for leisure but also for the treatment of diseases of debility, physical and mental fatigue and digestive disorders and glands. Most representative indicators commonly used to express movement and travel and its main characteristics are: number of urge tourists, average daily number of tourists, number of days / tourist, average length of stay, receipts from tourism and tourist traffic density, tourists’ relative preferences. Analysis of tourist traffic in the tourist areas of Buşteni will be achieved by calculating these indicators. Tourist traffic indicators reflect the distribution and evolution in time of tourism internal and external demand,. They also reflect the behavior of the application on the use of vehicles and equipment and can be used for studying the origin and destination of tourism demand, the average stay and fidelity to a particular destination.

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