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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 14 ISSUE 1
Written by Iulian ALECU, Marian CONSTANTIN, Raluca NECULA

Food problem has been and remains a major concern, both nationally and globally, and the population has or does not have enough income to ensure structural physichological requirements of consumption. In the context of the importance of the role incumbent main categories of food consumption, the paper aims to study the level both total consumption in Romania and derivatives products and cereals, vegetables and fruits. Comparative dynamics shown by appropriate indicators (quantitative physical units and calories) report highlights that resources/total consumption is assured, but the differences in the levels of consumption of fruits and vegetables are considered significant. Consumption aspect qualitative comparisons analyzed by means a reduction in the level of human consumption, but there are slight differences (insignificant) for cereals, vegetables and very sharp significant fruit. For dynamic analysis period can be reported elements of concern, the existence of annual decreases in the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

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