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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 14 ISSUE 1
Written by Romulus IAGĂRU, Cristina ANTTILA, Pompilica IAGĂRU

The particularly complex and timeless issue of rural development, of rural community respectively, is based on two fundamental elements which are in close interdependence: the source that can generate sustainable resource development and rural residents representing both the action and the consume factor, being the beneficiaries of development. To identify the potential problems of sustainable resources and human cells in order to develop policy options to guide the development and diversification of agricultural and non-agricultural activities in rural areas, there were used strategic analysis methods, recommended by the literature in the domain. Thus, the results obtained are summarized in this paper that contributes to a better targeting of rural development policy measures to flattening economic and social disparities manifested in the rural areas in different regions, and between urban areas and rural areas of a country, generated by the varying endowment with natural resources, physical, human, financial capital.

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