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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 12, Issue 3
Written by Vergina CHIRIŢESCU, Iudith IPATE, Mariana SANDU, Mihaela KRUSZLICIKA, Liana Angela NICULAIE

This paper aims to study the scientific endeavor further two very current concepts - safety and food security - and the challenges facing European countries in this regard. Every day, the world's population grows by about 220,000 people and the world population every year we add 80 million people. All these people must have access to sufficient food and safe food. Globalization of the food chain causes constant new challenges and risks to health and interests of European consumers. The main objective of EU policy on food safety is to achieve the highest possible degree of protection of human health and consumer interests in the food. The basic principle of EU policy on food safety and security is to apply an integrated approach, such as "farm to fork", covering all sectors of the food chain - including feed production, animal and plant health, animal welfare, primary production, food processing, storage, transport, retail and import and export. This comprehensive and integrated approach, in which the responsibility of the food and feed, and the competent authorities are clearly defined, is a food policy more coherent, effective and dynamic. With population growth and overall living standards, food demand is becoming increasingly important and diversified. Consumer demands are changing. For example: one of the most striking changes is now growing demand for organic products, obtained with or without small quantities of chemical substances.

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