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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 14 ISSUE 3
Written by Reta CONDEI, Ioana NICULAE, Petrica STEFAN, Agatha POPESCU

Management ethics, the determination at what means “fair”, ”correct” and “just” in decisions and action that affect the others, passes the simple problems like corruption, steal and swindle. It is focused on human interrelations such as between employers and employees, sellers and clients, shareholders, creditors, distributors, community members. The solving of the ethics dilemmas in management do not represent just a delimitation between good and bad, correct and incorrect, but also it is a complex judgement aiming a balance between economical and social performance of the firm, taking into consideration all what could happened. Solving ethics dilemmas by managers is not easy, and the decision will depend all the time of their personality, experience, education, feelings, attitude and personal values. The communication is part of the organization infrastructure. Any effort for the development of an organization should be considered a priority for the human factor. An efficient communication is the only way in which employees can correlate their efforts, whose quality is leading to the organization success.

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