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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 14 ISSUE 3
Written by Reta CONDEI, Ioana NICULAE, Georgiana Melania COSTAICHE, Agatha POPESCU

The characteristics of market economy and coordinates of modern life have determinate both individual level and organizations increase of number of risk who can affect us, of their dimensions and of the consequences which induce them, but at the same time a highest need of firm security. In economic and financial department was develop an entire area –management risk and many financial instruments to reduce or diminish risk. The behaviour of economical agents respectively of the entrepreneurs and managers is different according to the risk in many respects: risk adversaries unaffected to risk and risk belovers who leave mark on decisions take it. Management risk is an cyclical process with distinct stages: risk identification, risk analyses and risk reactions. The management of this phenomenon goes from this context and the firm objectives, analyse the risk factors into a security conception having the purpose to minimize the risks and the cost. The policies of occupational safety and health at the level of the organization must include information regarding: the general security and health policy at work; the specific risks and the way of dealing with them; the responsibility of the managers in this field; the measures of implementation of these policies and must be based on: Employee safety is very important; Safety is prior to efficiency; Employee safety leads to advantages and efficiency; Respecting the regulations

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