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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 2
Written by Roxana HOROIAŞ, Ana GAVRILESCU, Florentina ULMEANU

This paper approaches a difficult issue especially by its originality and complexity, since it involves the application of the same type of research on completely different areas of activity. Based on the idea that nowadays it is increasingly thought that „the school of life” is the one which really matters and that the level of educational training has no longer an important role in the professional achievements, we proposed ourselves to emphasize the concrete results of those working in agriculture, education and legal field, according to their level of specialization. The orientation towards a socio-economic study has determined the selection of some suitable research methods, in order to help us to obtain answers as close as possible with reality. For this purpose, a series of questionnaires, adapted to each individual case, but having a common basis were used. Interviews with 50 people for each of the mentioned branches of activity have been established. All the responses have been then inserted into a database and statistically processed, being obtained three distinct analyzes, which afterwards could be compared to each other, leading to the final findings. Another direction of research has been the one represented by the education awareness, many of the surveyed persons, who oriented themselves to these professions, completing their studies along the way, and afterwards continuing to inform themselves, to learn, to ask other specialized people. Conclusions arising are among the most diverse, but all guides us to the necessity of changing the way of thinking, of education and of its entire aim perception. Motivating people is an aspect that deserves all the specialists in sociology attention, being a phenomenon of real importance for the society we live in and especially for the future of education.

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