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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 14 ISSUE 4
Written by Agatha POPESCU, Livia DAVID

The paper aimed to establish a corresponding regression model reflecting the relationship between profit, as the main barometer of economic efficiency and milk yield in dairy farming using a sample of 8 farms operating in the Southern Romania. Two regression models were compared: the linear regression and the quadratic fit. Average milk yield registered 6,088.57 kg/cow and had just 9.24 % variation among farms. Profit per cow recorded Lei 2,096.57 in average with a very high variation from a farm to another ( 46.20%). The correlation coefficient between milk yield and profit per cow, rxy= 0.921, reflected a strong positive link between the two economic indicators. The regression model had the form Y=1.584x - 7,508.66 with the standard error Sest= 407.370428 and the parabolic fit was Y=0.006x2 -5.7649 + 14,250 having a higher standard error Sest= 18,786.96. From this comparison, the linear regression model proved to be the most suitable one to reflect the relationship between profit per cow and milk yield with the highest accuracy. According to this model, it was estimated that for an annual 500 kg gain in milk yield, profit per cow could be higher by Lei 792 per year with a deep impact on farm profitability.

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