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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 1
Written by Oana COCA, Gavril ȘTEFAN, Marilena MIRONIUC

Innovation in agriculture occurs in response to the requirements of increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, given the intensification of social and political pressures on combating the climate changes effects and ensuring food safety. Through innovation in agriculture is seeking for new solutions to increase the performance of economic entities in this domain and also to ensure sustainable development of the agricultural domain. The conducted research involved, first, a theoretical approach based on reviewing the specialized literature, which allowed, later, devising an empirical study on the relationship innovation - performance in agriculture, at the European Union level (EU-28). To answer the research question, in the study there were used the following data analysis methods: multiple linear regression analysis, correlation analysis, comparative analysis. The main results of the study show that, in most countries, agriculture has recorded performance gains. The highest levels of performance were recorded in those countries characterized by a high rate of investment in research - development and education of agricultural entrepreneurs. From the analysis of statistical relationships between indicators appears a positive influence of innovation on the performance of agriculture. Also, the results show that improving the economic performance is inversely related to the improvement of the environmental performance of agricultural entities, whereas the adoption of measures to minimize the consumptions of inputs does not ensure economic performance as it should be.

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