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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 2
Written by Agatha POPESCU

The paper analyzed the evolution of wine production and consumption in Romania and at the world level in order to identify the main changes and trends in the period 2007-2018 using official data which have been processed using fixed and variable indices, correlation coefficients, regression functions, consumption/production rate, export/consumption rate, self sufficiency rate and import dependency rate. In 2018, Romania achieved 5.2 M. hl wine ranking the 8th in the EU-28 and the 13th in the world. The world output recovered reaching 202 M. hl. The top wine producers are: Italy, France, Spain, USA, Australia, Argentina, China, South Africa, Chile, Germany, Portugal, Russia and Romania. The area under vine raised, being 191 thou ha in 2018, for which Romania is on the 5th position in the EU-28 and on the 10th position worldwide. The world vine area declined to 7.4 M. ha. After a long depression, wine consumption recovered in 2018 and reached 5 M. hl, ranking Romania the 7th in the EU and the 12th in the world. The top wine consumers are USA, France, Italy, Germany, China, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Portugal and Romania. World consumption remained relatively stable, 246 M. hl, being high in the main producing countries. Romania is ranked the 8th in the world for 29.9 l consumed per capita, but Romanians drink 1.5 times less wine than Portuguese, French, Italians, Swiss, Belgians and Australians. Romania's wine production, areas under vine and wine consumption have a positive impact on the world performance as proved by the correlation and determination coefficients, and regression functions In 2017, in Romania, the trade internationalization rate was 3.58%, the self sufficiency rate 92.32 % and the import dependency rate 10.86 %, which justified the wine import in small amounts. At the world level, 44 of 100 l wine are consumed from import. Wine production and consumption is expected to grow to satisfy better consumers' needs.

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