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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 3
Written by Agatha POPESCU, Cristina TINDECHE, Adelaida HONTUS, Alina MARCUTA

The paper analyzed the efficiency of the utilization of the agricultural land in the EU-28 and in each country based on a system of specific indicators, among which the most important ones have been the agricultural production and gross value added per ha of utilized agricultural land. The data provided by Eurostat were processed establishing the average level in the decade 2009-2018 both at the EU and every country level. The comparison among countries was based on the EU- mean resulting in this interval. The results proved that 71.46 % (128.55 Mil. ha) of the EU-28 agricultural land is used by France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania and Italy. About 77.58% of the EU agricultural output is produced by France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland and Romania. The highest agricultural output per ha of used area was achieved by Malta, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Austria and France. About 86.65 % (Euro Bil. 144.72) gross value added is produced in agriculture by Italy, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Greece and Hungary. Only Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Malta exceeds 40.95 %, the EU-28 average share of gross value added in the value of agricultural output. The EU achieved Euro 671.1 per ha of utilized land and 15 member states are able to exceed it (Malta, Netherlands, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, France, Luxemburg, Croatia and Portugal). As a conclusion, taking into account the two indicators: agricultural output and gross value added per ha of utilized area, the countries with the highest economic efficiency of land use are Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal and Croatia. To make land use more efficient in agriculture, farmers have to optimize the combination of production factors in order to grow agricultural production and gross value added per ha.

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