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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 1
Written by Simion CERTAN, Ion CERTAN

Grapes and wine products were and are symbolizing both the agriculture and economy of Moldova. Until the 90s of last century the main consumer of our drinks was the Russian Federative Republic. On its markets we sold more than four fifths of wines from grapes and more than 90 percent of sparkling wine. After the approval of the Declaration of Independence (August 27, 1991), our country has made considerable efforts to reform the national economy, to transition from centrally managed economy to a market economy that - and allows the manufacturer to direct activities according to demand and primarily domestic market. The request of grapes and grape products on the domestic market rules according to our traditions and previous practice and must be covered entirely by the local production. The national market for vine products is characterized by excessive fluctuations generated by the dynamics of production of grapes and processed products thereof, price volatility, increased competition, etc. Grapes and grape products obtained in Moldova exceed the domestic market demand and our country is doomed to commercial relations with other countries and/or groups of countries. The emergence of new socio-economic system open to the world triggered the joint efforts of the international community's own produced undoubtedly important changes not only in shape, but also background in trade flows and wine grapes. The European Union has been and remains an important actor of major interest to us. The signing and ratification in 2014 of the Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union will definitely contribute to increase the sales in the Common Market of the European Union, but our country is required to know the trade policies of the EU and should adjust its national trade policy to the EU requirements. In the paper the authors reflect on the grapes and grape products market, studying the import and export of such products, seek practical operation of the CIS market and Common Market. According to this study the authors come up with some proposals that would change the situation on the national market for the better and would accelerate the integration of the national market in the European Union Common Market.

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