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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 2
Written by Liviu-Marian DOBROTĂ, Laura-Maria SIMESCU, Maria-Magdalena TUREK-RAHOVEANU

At EU level, there are a number of concerns among specialists to promote and create some specific information to support sustainable revitalization of rural areas as a place of work and work. We note that it is necessary to start a new regional policy, to increase rural prosperity and the viability of rural areas, given that there can be a balanced territory to ensure socio-economic and environmental sustainability. For agriculture and rural growth, the new regional policy aims to better mobilize all local and regional actors for investigations in the distribution and transport network. In our study, we aim to follow the way of achieving the objectives of the new policy, to target the intelligent villages for 2020, to take care as a starting point of definition and to apply "intelligent tools" based on the reality of the area under consideration, Chiscani Commune, Braila county. In order to be able to use functional, efficient and sustainable tools, it is not desirable to realize or analyze the reality of Chiscani Commune, Braila County, if the role of local and regional authorities can be applied in the application of a policy framework, knowing the concept of "intelligent villages" such as and the notion of "smart rural area" and include initiatives in the local rural agenda so that synergies can be encouraged and created and spread in small communes, in smart rural areas.

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