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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 1
Written by Nicoleta OLTENACU, Elena LASCĂR

A balanced diet implies consuming fruit throughout the year, for which their preservation throughout the winter helps to ensure their consumption and increase the growing profitability by avoiding the market overloading during fruit harvest. In order to establish the ability to maintain the quality of fresh apples, 6 varieties of apples were analyzed Florina, Generos, Golden Delicious, Idared, Jonathan and Redix with large spreading in the current range in our country. The fruits were produced in the fruit tree farm of Belciugatele Didactical and Experimental Station and were tested in the laboratory in the cold store of the unit. The experimental and storage conditions were t = 0...+4°C, UR = 90-95%. After 120 days of storage were made determinations regarding :the recorded quantity and quality of the losses of fruit during storage; the change of the fruit consistency ( penetrometer determined); the soluble dry matter evolution during storage (refractometer determined); the organoleptic appreciation (appearance, firmness, taste) of the fruits after storage. The mass losses were increased in the variety Golden Delicious. The contents of dry soluble substance in apples increased during the maintenance in different proportion, depending on the variety.

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