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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 1
Written by Agatha POPESCU

The paper analyzed the position of the top Romanian trademarks in milk and dairy products market. Using the Ministry of Finance Database regarding the turnover of all the 472 dairies, in the period 2011-2013, it was established the hierarchy of the brands based on the Average Turnover, Point Ranking Method and Market Share. Of the 472 trademarks in the milk and dairy products market, a number 255 brands (54%) are concentrated in 10 counties: Constanta, Suceava, Bistrita Nasaud, Maramures, Botosani, Tulcea, Braila, Bucharest and Sibiu. The turnover achieved by all the 472 brands of dairy products accounted for Euro million 882.6 in 2013. A number of 175 brands (37%), belonging to 10 counties ( Cluj, Bucharest, Mures, Alba, Covasna, Suceava, Timis, Bistrita Nasaud, Arges, Botosani) contributed by 83.89% to the turnover of milk processing industry. The average turnover/brand was Euro million 1.87. The top 10 brands based on the number of points for the turnover carried out in the period 2011-2013 were the following ones: Danone, Friesland, Albalact, Napolact, Fabrica de lapte, Hochland, La Dorna, Simultan, Industrializarea laptelui Mures and Covalact. Based on the market share in 2013, the top 10 brands in dairy products market were Danone (12.11 %), Albalact (10.65 %), Friesland (9.09 %), Fabrica de lapte (6.07%), Napolact (5.61 %), Hochland (5.43 %), La Dorna lactate (4.42 %), Simultan (4.04 %), Covalact (3.31 %) and Industrializarea laptelui Mures (3.22 %), all together totalizing 63.90 % market share. The abolition of milk quota in April 2015, the increased stocks of dairy products and the lower purchasing price of milk and dairy products in other EU countries are the main factors which could affect the position of the Romanian brands, when the market will be invaded by cheaper foreign products, taking into account the low purchasing power of the consumer. Only the top powerful Romanian brands with a good endowment, production capacity and diversity, financial resources, a good management will be able to resist to the market pressures.

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