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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 4
Written by Liviu MARCUTA, Agatha POPESCU, Letitia PURDOIU, Serban PURDOIU, Marilena STOIAN, Alina MARCUTA

The food industry today faces many challenges as a result of changes in legislation in this area, due to the use of distribution chains that are increasingly complex or the emergence of no ice ingredients tend to replace traditional products. The success of a food company depends on its ability to provide its customers with safe, quality products that meet their expectations, but also respecting specific legislation. In addition to their role in human nutrition due to their nutritional value and the need to cover energy needs, food must also contribute to ensuring psychosensory satisfaction as a result of consumption, in close connection with the structure of the product, its chemical composition and its properties. The way in which the food products satisfy from the sensory point of view the exigencies of the consumers, represents an important condition in the realization of some salable products and therefore, the producers in the food industry must pay due attention to these aspects. This can be achieved through sensory analysis which is also a component of the concept of quality, being a method of examining food using the basic senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Through this paper we aimed to analyze consumers' perception of the quality of bakery products using subjective methods, ie assessment methods for consumers and not specialists, namely: the hedonic test and the Likert scale, which were applied to a semi-trained panel of 45 tasters, represented by the students of the Faculty of Management and Rural Development. Based on the study, conclusions were formulated regarding the way in which consumers appreciated the quality of bakery products, resulting in the fact that they orient their purchase of bakery products according to taste and appearance.

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