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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 3
Written by Gheorghe ŞIŞCANU, Gheorghe SCURTU, Nina TITOVA, Gheorghe BALMUS, Maia RUSU, Emil КLEIMAN

The paper presents the results regarding the phytomonitoring of physiological processes in hair plants. Among the physiological processes that characterize the activity of the production process is photosynthesis, which, like other physiological processes, is influenced by light, temperature and other ecological factors. Based on these considerations, the saturation curve of the light for photosynthesis was monitored. The modern RTM-48A phytomonitor was used, which allowed the measurement of physiological indices in the form of film-phytodiagram in automatic regime that allowed the diagnosis of the properties of the genotype and the physiological state of the plants. The saturation curve of light for photosynthesis in hair trees was determined as a result of assessing the intensity of photosynthesis, sweating, respiration and conductivity of stomata depending on temperature, humidity and CO2 content in air. The minimum value of the light at which the photosynthesis process is initiated was established. With the increase of the light intensity (to 1/3 of the total light) the intensity of the photosynthesis increases after the essential optimization of the process took place. In hair plants, the intensity of photosynthesis begins with the appearance of light and continues to increase until the illumination of 100-150 micromol / m2 s, decreasing to 500 after maintaining at the same level until the illumination of 1500, then it increases to 1800. It was been established that the effect of temperature influence on photosynthesis in hair plants depended on the intensity of light. Respiration, transpiration and conductivity of the stomata confirmed light saturation curves for photosynthesis. As a result of the research, the positive influence of SBA Reglalg and microelements (B, Zn, Mn, Mo) on the activity of physiological processes in hair plants was established. The more pronounced stimulation of the activity of the physiological processes takes place under the influence of the Reglalg preparation in the presence of microelements.

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