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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 21 ISSUE 1
Written by Daniela DANA, Irina Adriana CHIURCIU, Andreea-Roxana FIRĂȚOIU, Valentina VOICU, Elena SOARE

The paper analyses the areas cultivated with pear trees in the EU and the productions obtained in 2019. It is noted that Italy placed first in both categories, and Romania was on the 9th place, with 3.08 thousand ha and a production of 46.16 thousand tons, according to Eurostat. At the country level, Macroregion One recorded the highest number of pear trees, 994,193 of the total number of pear trees, and in terms of production, 29% was harvested in Macroregion Three. In 2019, in Romania, 100 kg of pears were sold for 116.64 Euro, a higher price compared to that of the large pear-producing states. Also, the study presents some specific research concerning the management of natural resources for pear trees, land, and orchards in Expert System-CROM which quantifies through points of creditworthiness and penalty the climatic resources, the soil and infrastructure resources, the production, and the quality of the fruits. Following the application of the Expert System-CROM, the pear lands and the orchards received 32-100 addition points and were included into three categories: without natural restrictions, with natural restrictions and excluded for the pear trees.

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