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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 2
Written by Silviu Ionut BEIA, Ioan Iulian ALECU, Violeta Elena BEIA

The purpose of this paper is to calculate the percent of cholesterol and the triacyglycerols which are very important for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and aquaculture products.We have chosen the cholesterol thanks to its important share from the lipid overall in the egg yolk, considering that this compound might be the marker of chemical denaturation, induced by the medicinal residue over the nourishing components in the egg. We considered that it is important to the correlation between the level of oxytetracycline and the level of cholesterol in the yolk in the case on administration through drinking water and after intramuscular administration. The concentration of cholesterol in the yolk is not a direct consequence of the presence of antibiotics in the egg. The medium value of the cholesterol in eggs coming from hens under treatment, differs based on how the antibiotic is being administered, being larger in the case of the hens who received the antibiotic through drinking water (5.9g cholesterol/100 g yolk), than the ones who have been treated through intramuscular administration (5.5 g cholesterol/ 100 g yolk); a resembling situation can be observed in the case on cholesterol values, measured after ending the oxytetracycline treatment.

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