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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 21 ISSUE 3
Written by Maria BĂLA, Florin SALA

The study evaluated the vegetation and quality parameters associated with chrysanthemum flowers. Four cultivars of chrysanthemums were studied, cultivated in protected conditions: 'Yellow Snowdon', 'Tom Pearce', 'Palisade' si 'Avignon'. Shoots height (SH) and shoots number (SN) were evaluated as vegetative parameters that express the vegetation state of the plants; the determinations were made at the beginning of August - T1 and at the beginning of September - T2. Flowers diameter (FD) and flowering time (FT) were also evaluated as floral quality indices. The 'Yellow Snowdon' and 'Palisade' cultivars had high shoot height, with significant differences (LSD5%, LSD1%). Regarding the number of shoots, significant differences were registered for the cultivars 'Tom Pearce', 'Palisade', 'Avignon' (LSD5%, LSD1%). Flowers dimension (FD), as a quality parameter, showed significant differences for the cultivars 'Palisade' (LSD0.1%), 'Yellow Snowdon' and 'Tom Pearce' (LSD1%, LSD5%). Longer flowering time was recorded for the 'Avignon' cultivar (58 days) and shorter for the 'Yellow Snowdon' cultivar (52 days). The regression analysis facilitated the obtaining of some equations, as models that described the variation of FD and FT in relation to vegetative parameters (SH and SN), in statistical safety conditions (p <0.001). It was found that a number of 2.223 shoots (SN-T1), respectively 2.765 shoots (SN-T2), provided large flowers. The height of the shoots of 27.191 cm (SH-T1) and 91.816 cm (SH-T2) showed optimal values in relation to the flowering time (FT).

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