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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 3
Written by Dumitru Florin FRONE, Simona FRONE

The main objective of this paper is a theoretical-methodological grounding and analysis of the resource-efficiency objectives and policies required for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy in the EU and Romania, as well as for the transition to a resource efficient, greener and circular economy. We first outline some of the most important conceptual and theoretical issues by considering resource-efficiency as a paradigm behind the green (and circular) economy. The concept of resource efficiency expressed by the resource productivity (RP) indicator has a clear environmental and economic dimension, so it is considered an appropriate indicator of sustainable development. The objectives are shown to be strategical also in the European Union and in Romania, since the principal objective of the Roadmap to a Resource-efficient Europe (COM/2011/0571 final) is improving economic performance while reducing pressure on natural resources by boosting resource-efficient production. Moreover, in the data and graphs presented further in the paper, we try to compare the level and evolution of some key statistical indicators, in Romania and in EU-27, to enable us to check the main trends as well as whether these trends may be considered consistent with the objectives of a resource-efficient economy. Since in Romania the trend had as negative effect the increase, instead of a decrease in the gap towards the EU-27 average level of resource productivity, it must be reversed and aligned to the EU average. The recommendation is to implement programs and policies promoting higher resource-efficiency and a green economy ultimately.

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