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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 12, Issue 3
Written by Radu Andrei IOVA, Daniela CREŢU, Dumitra CONSTANTIN

The development of sustainable tourism in the natural areas led to the ecosystem as distinct form, aimed to respect the integrity of the natural landscapes, of ecological biodiversity. The natural areas represents important phases for the development of pleasure activities, that can bring important incomes, both to those who administer them and to the local communities. The present study proposed to show the current situation of the natural protected areas in Călăraşi county and the development phase of the eco-tourist activities within them and surrounding. Despite the fact the Călăraşi county possesses a remarkable eco-tourist patrimony with high potential for capitalization, the eco-tourism is a quite strait segment of the local tourist market, faced with problems such as: low cooperation at local level, existence of some limited offers, low diversification, low development of eco-tourism specific infrastructure at the level of the protected areas, and also the low level of training of those employed in this domain. Measures for the capitalization of these resources by eco-tourism are proposed based on the information obtained and analysed, in accordance with the requirements imposed by the national legislation.

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