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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 3
Written by Lucian DINCĂ, Cristian Mihai ENESCU, Voichița TIMIȘ-GÂNSAC

Hunting has been always an important activity in Romania, not only due to the presence of high numbers of game species, but also for their variety. Tulcea County has a total of 54 hunting funds that account for 580.701 hectares, being one of the counties with high potential in terms of hunting. Amongst the main hunting species from Tulcea County (red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, European hare, pheasant, partridge, badger, fox, raccoon dog, jackal, ferret, weasel, stoat, musk, ducks, gooses) eight were chosen and prioritized based on nineteen criteria established within COST Action FP 1203. An analytical hierarchic process (AHP) was used and the analysis were performed by the aid of Expert Choice Desktop software package. The most important game species were the wild boar and the roe deer, while the least important were the golden jackal and the red fox. Specific game management measures were proposed.

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