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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 3
Written by Adedayo O. AJAYI, Kolawole A. ADELOYE, Khadijat O. OLANREWAJU, Khadijat O. OLAYINKA

The study assessed the pattern of communication applicable for information sharing in community development associations (CDAs). Specifically, the study identified the development projects undertaken, determined the level of use of communication channels within and between CDAs and the sequence of information flow within the CDAs. A total of 120 CDA members chosen from the 6 most prominent CDAs in Ilero. These were interviewed with the aid of well-structured interview schedule for data collection. Data analysis was conducted with the use of frequency counts, percentages, mean and standard deviation as well as Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis for hypothesis test. Results revealed that the CDAs had completed infrastructural projects like water bore-hole, interpersonal communication channels were noted as the main media through which information were relayed among CDA members. Also, the sequence of information transmission was found to involve group executives as foremost followed by committees and then general members with proceeds of the general/open discussions to be transmitted to the patrons and advisers. The size of CDA (r=0.375), number of active committees (r=0.33) and average number of people per committee (r=0.391) were indicated to be significantly related to the use of communication channels at 0.01 level of confidence. Therefore, it concluded that the level of use of the communication channels is influenced by the composition and functioning of CDAs.

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